Remove payroll
compliance risk

Automate processes
Achieve 99% payroll accuracy


Scalable payroll

Flex with demand

The Affinity Difference

We liberate your resources — your people, your money, your time — our technology and people support your people so they can invest in business activities that increase business wide productivity.

Function Affinity Payroll Services Others
Live employee queries help desk
Live manager queries help desk
Zero requirement to retain internal payroll expertise  
No Single-Point-of-Failure  
Artificial Intelligence for error trapping  
User-configurable Online Forms
User-configurable Approvals and Workflows
Comprehensive online Human Capital Management
Centralised HR/ Payroll/ Award Interpretation
Centralised Australian and New Zealand database
User-configurable self-service dashboards
Automated compliance management
Automated third party business system data updates (API’s)
Live labour costing compared to budgets

Our Service and Support Model

Team of Experts, Not One Person

While other payroll companies may remove the payroll processing operation, customers still need to retain internal expertise to support internal pay queries, errors and leave calculations. With Affinity our team of clerical staff, payroll professionals and systems experts take care of all query management so you don’t have to.

Local Team

With Affinity, you receive a dedicated payroll person that you can contact as often as required. There’s no need to take a ticket and wait in line!

Operational Level Agreement (OLA)

Affinity provides an OLA, which is a set of standard best practice processes that customers and the Affinity service teams abide by to ensure the service is delivered accurately and in a timely manner.

The OLA simplifies the overall payroll process, standardises how both parties engage, and details exactly how Affinity will obtain and manage the engagement. Supply of employee information and process management is automated by electronic forms and workflow.

Clever Technology

Advanced Integrations

Affinity offers seamless interfacing/integration with other business systems to supply valid live data that supports the business. Includes the automation, validation, transfer and entry of data between systems.


Affinity has developed clever tools that enable customers to configure electronic forms and unique workflows to electronically capture a workflow to completion. Escalation and authorisation processes are yours to configure to drive timely and complete transaction management.

Access from any device

Information and self-service dashboards are accessible from any device to enable users with real time, live data to make informed decisions on people productivity. Ideal for mobile and remote workforces.

Clever Timesheets –
Multi Position Capability

Clever Timesheets was developed to manage a range of complex employee payroll requirements. Employees, contractors and agency temps record time worked using units or start/finish times. Time can be costed against a wide range of cost elements such as projects, jobs, tasks, clients and cost centres then approved by a manager. Optional integrated award interpretation (Time & Attendance) is also available.


Affinity provides a hosted environment for its core Affinity Payroll and Affinity Self Service applications. Known as ‘cloud hosting’, this means customers access their software entirely in the cloud (internet/web). Hardware and software are provided, monitored and maintained by Affinity.


Affinity’s core HR modules support employee management and development. Store and record all employee information. Includes REM, organisational structure and charts, headcount, turnover, OH&S and management reporting.

Human Capital Management

Affinity offers online automated Human Capital Management modules for all your HR processes – from attracting the right talent to developing and retaining staff. Includes, recruitment, onboarding, performance management and learning.

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