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See how the City of Tea Tree Gully benefitted from outsourcing, rectifying a 20% blow out of labour costs.

Payroll Outsourcing Benefits

Technology Removes
Payroll Errors

Human error is the biggest cause of payroll mistakes. Affinity has reengineered payroll outsourcing to deliver high quality payroll services.

To do this we use technology to:

  • We use clever technology to capture employee data/transactions, automate workflow, and remove the need for people intervention or checking.
  • We make information that increases productivity (reducing costs of errors) accessible to people so they have the visibility to information needed to make the right decisions.
  • We supply other business systems with information to ensure complete, timely and valid data.
  • Artificial intelligence supports our payroll people in identifying potential payroll errors.
  • We centralise all employee data to remove the need for multiple databases and maintenance.
  • Empower your people through the selfservice dashboard.
  • Workflow and automation remove paper based transactions

Clever Technology = Productivity

Affinity Payroll Single System
  • Automatically detect errors
  • Handle payroll complexity
  • Escalate and notify key personnel before an error is made
  • Electronically manage flow of internal information processes
  • Capture and condition data
  • Output data into meaningful reports
  • Provide deep insight to enable business wide productivity
  • Automate the supply of people information to other business systems

Benefits By Role

Visibility to cost & compliance

Executives gain access to specific period reporting to support board and management reporting. Ad hoc access and automated alerts/notifications on items that may cause potential loss or compliance breach.

Timely, accurate data, reporting & costing

Visibility to payroll and labour costs including ongoing costs as they occur. Streaming visibility to actual costs against budget. Multiple ad hoc reporting tools to easily access any financial or costing reports. Live update and interface to general ledger cost codes. Synchronisation of month end to pay period end.

Efficient process & optimised people

Collection and workflow of HR transactions. Online document/policy and core HR process management. Compliance and notification management to ensure process and task completion. Automated period end reporting based on your requirements. Access to report writing tools and key analytics trends. Make people information and tasks visible to your people via dashboards to facilitate HR compliance and task management. Visibility to company-wide HR key performance indicators. Visibility to company-wide capability and gaps.

More time for support & strategy

Optimise and plan people resources and skills to deliver best cost/skills resources against production/service deliverables etc. Automate notifications for potential risk of productivity loss/cost/harm. Visibility to cost against output.

Information to make the right decisions

Visibility via dashboards to key performance indicators. Automated notification of tasks that require attention. Electronically process all HR/Payroll related transactions (authorise/edit/update, etc.). Access ad hoc reports or view scheduled regular reports/data.

Accessibility to enquire & transact

View and manage all personal information and documentation online. Initiate requests, submit leave, timesheets, performance reviews etc. Maintain and manage financial transactions, banking, superfunds etc. online.

Eliminate Payroll Burden

Receive consistent service regardless of payroll staff departures or absences. You can trust automated workflows to manage the payroll process.

Control Fixed Costs

Remove unpredictable internal support costs with known fixed service charges.

Compliance Control

Avoid costly legislation breaches with professional expertise and industry best technology.

Reduce Administration

Eliminate time-consuming manual, paper-based processes with automation.

Fight Against Fraud

Benefit from strict controls, approvals and processes to avoid the risk of fraud.

Scalable Platform

Flexible services to meet changing economic demands of your business environment

Find out why hundreds of Australian and New Zealand companies choose Affinity