Leave it all to us.

Once you’ve made the business decision to outsource your payroll, we make it simple.

The table to the right outlines the standard payroll service functions included in our outsourced payroll solution.

All the payroll service tasks are tied to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) detailing what we do, what you need to do, timeframes and KPI reporting to remove any doubt about what is expected.

Payroll Services

Payroll software maintenance and upgrades Check that upper and lower parameters for net pay are not exceeded
Manual data entry Ensure deductions do not result in negative payment
Disaster recovery Validation of payroll input
Payroll expertise Reconciliation of payroll
Payroll setup and control file Employee query management
New starters setup Manager query management
Validate bank codes Filing and archiving of data
Calculate manual payments Produce tax files
Assure compliance Administer personal data changes
Ad-hoc reporting Handle overtime and timesheet data
Administer court orders Superannuation file management
Deductions for non-statutory items Calculate and manage leave
Process payroll and produce output Print and distribute payslips
Output standard reports Produce third party EFT
Manager support Pay other disbursements
Produce bank EFT’s Distribute standard reports
Liaise with third-parties Employee Masterfile management